“The clown with a stick is clearly in love with himself”

Those were the words written by an internet troll on a YouTube video of clarinetist Seth Kibel.  “It made me chuckle,” says Kibel, “‘cause every artist I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing is constantly wrestling with self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and even self-loathing.  Clearly, this fellow didn’t know what he was talking about.  Nonetheless, I kinda liked the phrase ‘clown with a stick,’ so I stole it.  Thanks, dude!”

The 11 tracks of “Clown With A Stick,” cover a wide stylistic range, from straight-ahead jazz, to Jewish klezmer, to even a little taste of Motown.  There are melodies familiar to all, as well as rarer selections and four original compositions by Kibel.  He’s featured on clarinet on most tracks, as well as two where he plays one of his “other sticks,” the flute.

Musicians featured:
Sean Lane, Harry Appelman – piano
Bob Abbott, Jeff Reed – double bass
Wes Crawford, Joey Antico – drums